Meet Mabel

Affectionately known as Mabel the story started back in May 2012, seems ages ago, when I saw a Mini on eBay and thought this could turn a couple of bob and a small profit. I spoke with the then owner who said he would drop the Mini to London if I was that interested, I thought about it and decided that I would go ahead, what was I leading myself into…


This was the first picture that was e mailed to me, by the looks in the photo, can’t go far wrong, this is until it turned up on a rusty old trailer . The then owner said that he would unload it and then I could have a drive. I patiently waited whilst he unstrapped the car from the trailer, the straps being withered and torn, still she made it to London being towed by a tired Volvo. Eventually he jumped into the driver’s seat and flicked some switches and the car burst into life, she sounded whiny as the car has straight cut drop gears and also a straight cut gearbox. The little weber was growling away as the engine started to heat up .

She was off the trailer and the owner said “What to try her?” I was a bit apprehensive as the owner had told me that the car had been hardly used for  6 or 7 years, the only mileage was to and from the MOT station. Oh and of course the odd sprint and hill climb.

I jumped into the very uncomfortable drivers seat and commenced a little drag off the line run outside my business  ” North One Service Centre Ltd”. After about 100 yards I decided that I had had enough of the bum shattering seats then fitted to the car, got out and did the deal.

I was now the owner of a 1964 Mini, having dabbled in Mini’s about 15 years previous I did know what I was buying and did know what I should expect  from a 1964 MK 1 Mini which  was not the best of examples. Still never mind, I wanted to get her back to where she should be (within reason) as the car had been extensively modified and at one time it was used in the “Miglia Challenge” so it did have lots of goodies fitted.

So a few days had passed , and the enthusiasts that I have working for me said that I should restore it and keep it. Remember I had only brought to sell it and make a small profit, but that idea was fast disappearing .

What the hell should I do?? at that time I had a spare ramp in the corner which never got used due to the way it was positioned, so Mabel had pride of place.


The hideous seats which were Ally with a bit of cloth on them, they ended up on ebay. And the dated and terrible steering wheel , still have the wheel  I think it will end up in the dustbin.

The last picture in one piece

The last picture in one piece

I mentioned the trailer!! Well we have moved on a bit in time you will read all about Mabel and the restoration , but little did I know that there would be another restoration  to do, this being the trailer, all I can say is ” I am surprised that it got to London. I will post up more details later

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